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Angelina Jolie's fame is unquestionable. Stories about her personal life dominate the front covers of magazines and are ubiquitous on Internet blogs. Yet Bob Simon's 2011 60 Minutes interview with Jolie shed new light on the beautiful actress's humanitarian achievements. Instead of learning about the daily comings and goings of Jolie from unnamed sources in dubious magazines, Simon's interview, entitled «Angelina Jolie: Behind the Camera,” allows the audience to have access to Angelina Jolie. The interview made me realize that the real Angelina Jolie is a different person from the character I see in tabloid magazines.


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Bob Simon meets with Angelina Jolie at the Budapest museum that served as the set for In the Land of Blood and Honey. The interview shows Simon and Jolie at various locations on the museum grounds. Simon's interview touches upon both Jolie's professional and personal life in order to give viewers an accurate portrait of the famous, and occasionally infamous, actress.

Even viewers who are acquainted with Jolie will learn from Simon's interview. Jolie discusses the difficulties she experienced writing and directing her first film. She emphasizes that though the film is set during the war in Bosnia, it’s a love story, not a documentary.

Jolie exclusively hired former Yugoslav actors and invited them to rewrite scenes to help with the story's authenticity. The interview includes the reactions of a group of actors during their first screening of the film. Having lived through the actual Bosnian war, they reaffirm that the tone of the film truly represents the Bosnian war.

Despite Jolie's efforts to create a historically accurate movie, the film has faced some criticism. Many Bosnian women who were raped in POW camps took issue with a story that focuses on a romance between a prisoner and a POW jailer. Jolie's license to film in Budapest was temporarily revoked because of the outcry.

As Simon's interview continues, viewers are reminded that Jolie is no stranger to controversy. The interview discusses briefly her past wild and unpredictable behavior, which was documented in the tabloids. Both Simon and Jolie now affirm that Jolie has matured. Jolie claims that she will always be a bad girl, but now she controls her energy with the help of her romantic partner, actor Brad Pitt.

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