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The Other World

“The Other World” in 2 volumes features about fifty examples of the Supernatural collected by Frederick George Lee. The facts and records set forth have been gathered from time to time in the period of twenty years, as well from ordinary historical narrations as from the personal information of several Lee's friends and acquaintances interested in the subject-matter of the book. Many examples of the Supernatural were published here for the first time, in an authoritative and complete form. Table of Contents.
Volume 1:
Introductory — Materialism of the present age The Miraculous in Church History
Spiritual Powers and Properties of the Church — Sacraments — Sacramentals — Exorcism
Witchcraft and Necromancy
Dreams, Omens, Warnings, Presentiments, and Second Sight
Volume 2:
Spectral Appearances of Persons at the Point of Death and Perturbed Spirits
Haunted Houses and Localities
Modern Spiritualism
Summary and Conclusion
528 printed pages
Original publication



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