Archie Brown

The Myth of the Strong Leader

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    Veronika Zagievahas quoted5 years ago
    Gorbachev was not, in the conventional sense, a ‘strong leader’. He was not overbearing and was willing both to make tactical retreats and to absorb criticism. In particular, he did not fit Russians’ traditional image of a strong leader.
    Irina Boykohas quoted4 years ago
    it true that heads of governments in democracies have become more dominant over time?
    Veronika Zagievahas quoted5 years ago
    One is that a viable party system is an indispensable pillar of a democracy and that when parties are manipulated from above, rather than allowed to develop an independent and influential existence, a country in transition from autocratic or oligarchic rule has got little or no chance of becoming a consolidated democracy. A majority of the successor states to the Soviet Union, including post-Soviet Russia, are cases in point.
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