Harris Rosen

New York State of Mind 1.0

A fascinating genuine narrative formed in the crucible of Golden Age Hip-Hop mindfulness.

New York State of Mind 1.0, the 7th book in the series, provides you with a real flavour of the personalities, in all their raw forms, who breathed life into the streets of the city, taking the music to new heights and in radically new direc-tions.

Tragedy Khadafi is as real as it gets. Through impressive MC skills and a for-midable street reputation, he lived the life of an original hoodlum, surviving gun-shot wounds, stabbings and broken bones. The compelling lyrical message of Brand Nubian reflects on the group's identity as Five-Percenters and the philoso-phy of the Nation of Gods and Earth, while Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth arrived on the scene in the midst of a Hip-Hop impasse of sorts.

New York State of Mind 1.0 is a candid look deep inside the psyche of each and an examination of what makes them tick. Take a ride alongside them and learn how they made their mark in a generation.
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