Anita Mills

Autumn Rain

This Regency romance is “a beautifully crafted and well-written novel by a superb storyteller. I highly recommend it” (Heather Graham, New York Times–bestselling author of Come the Morning).
When Elinor Ashton’s father forces her into a loveless marriage to satisfy his debts, she becomes the unhappiest bride in London society . . . and the property of Lord Kingsley, an elderly and enormously wealthy man whose jealousy leads him to concoct an unspeakable scheme.
Lucien de Clare is England’s most handsome—and most brazen—lord, a man whose scandalous behavior made the doors to polite society close against him. This makes him the perfect pawn in Kingsley’s despicable plot to secure an heir. But the attempt at a deceitful seduction of Elinor leads to true desire, as Lucien is overcome by her beauty and charm. Neither treacherous intrigue nor vengeful deeds can temper their desire for forbidden kisses, or dampen the fire that fuels their love . . .
“Powerful . . . A story to touch all of your emotions.” —Janelle Taylor, New York Times–bestselling author of Moondust and Madness
464 printed pages
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