Change Your Mind, Heal Your Body: When Modern Medicine Has No Cure, The Answer Lies Within, Anna Parkinson
Anna Parkinson

Change Your Mind, Heal Your Body: When Modern Medicine Has No Cure, The Answer Lies Within

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'An inspiring account of a remarkable healing journey experienced by an extraordinary woman – with brilliant and profound insights. It may change your ife'Martin Brofman PhD, author and healerThis is a profound book about healing the mind and body. Part memoir, part practical guide, it gradually draws you from a world of fact and logic into a world in which genuine healing is both possible and realistic.In 2002 Anna Parkinson was a BBC journalist when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The growth proved to be inoperable, and in her search for a way forward Anna found herself gradually involved in the art of healing. Eight years later her brain scans show that nothing but a trace of the tumour remains, and her original symptoms have gone. Now she sees the extraordinary power of healing again and again, not only for herself, but as a healer healing others.This book explores how healing works and takes you on Anna's extraordinary journey.
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Few of us would bother to explore alternative ways of seeing reality if the one we experience on a daily basis were perfect. We expect to be happy, whether we consciously admit it or not. Our urge for survival drives us on, but so does our urge for happiness and comfort. We build families, homes, companies and cities in pursuit of this comfort and contentment. But when we are on the verge of losing it, when our bodies fail so that we risk never having it again, we realize that we have everything we need within our grasp all the time, if we just open our eyes to it. That is what happened to me.
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