The Day I Found You, Pedro Chagas Freitas
Pedro Chagas Freitas

The Day I Found You

363 printed pages
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An international bestseller with translation rights sold to numerous territories
Spent over a year on the Portuguese bestseller list with more than 150,000 copies sold
The author speaks excellent English and is a huge social media phenomenon with more than a million fans on Facebook
Translated by renowned translator Daniel Hahn
Daniel Hahn
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Aví GS
Aví GSshared an impression9 months ago
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Ann has quoted9 months ago
I started loving you the day I left you.
Hiu Ling Kwok
Hiu Ling Kwokhas quoted9 months ago
Of all the things I love it’s you I fall in love with most.
b2433261371has quoted9 months ago
I started loving you the day I left you.
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