Ruben Ruiz

My Own Financial Blueprint

Would you build or buy your dream home without a set of blueprints? Of course not. Then why would you go through life without a “money blueprint”? My Own Financial Blueprint shows you how to make a plan for wealth creation—your own money blueprint—through twelve action steps that will transform your financial life. Starting with a new “money mindset,” Ruben Ruiz walks you through eleven more steps, including how to generate your own income system and make money through tax plans, real estate, business equity, and other endeavors. Ultimately your net worth is like your blood pressure: it tells you what your financial condition is. As Ruiz says, “Your net worth today is based on everything you have done in your financial life, and if you want to become wealthy in the future, it will require you to make changes in everything you do in life today.”
171 printed pages
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