Book of Deceased Agony, Elias Sassoon
Elias Sassoon

Book of Deceased Agony

Ordinary people not involved in romantic escapes or mysteries, living routinely lives that are interesting, bizarre and different. Behind the closed door, the ordinary exist with humor and sadness and ugliness; their stories are fascinating while involved in the daily struggle with family, work, health, and politics. Keeping from drowning; competing for breath. Dealing with anger, depression, drinking, violence. An effort to form and keep relationships: mother-daughter, father-son, daughter-mother, husband-wife, boss-worker. A wrong word and there’s dissolution. Relationships as temporary alliances ending in death. Avoiding the pitfalls and potholes while dealing with the world and its hurricanes and monsoons and earthquakes and diseases, and crimes, and injustice and poverty and hunger. That’s the ordinary life that’s never ordinary, which these stories reveal. Enjoy them.
166 printed pages
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