Lloyd Miller

The American Dream

Born into a poor immigrant family, Charles works diligently to rise out of poverty. Because of this determination, he graduates from a university. While he is attending there, he meets the love of his life, Joann, who is from the opposite end of the social and economic spectrum.
After graduation, Charles and Joann are married. They purchase Joann's dreamhouse, an idyllic home in the neighborhood where she grew up. The happy couple has two wonderful children, Elizabeth and Edward. Joann becomes a professor at her alma mater while Charles is a traveling salesman achieving his childhood goal of living an affluent lifestyle. Their lives cannot get any better than this! But can things get worse?
After the children grow up and move away, Joann commits an “indiscretion” which causes the couple's model marriage to crumble. Charles is diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease. Will Joann be able to make the necessary amends for Charles to be willing to restore their marriage? Will Charles beat the doctor's diagnosis and go back to living the American Dream?
The American Dream: Love, Lust, and Lies is a vivid, thought-provoking story that challenges the notion that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence! But even if it is, what will it require to keep it that way?
162 printed pages
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