Air Bridge, Hammond Innes
Hammond Innes

Air Bridge

365 printed pages
A daredevil pilot joins the Berlin Airlift to fight for democracy in this Cold War adventure from “a whale of a writer” (The New York Times).

When his plane goes down over Germany, Neil Fraser vows not to die in a POW camp. He tunnels out beneath the barbed wire, commandeers a Messerschmitt fighter plane, and flies it home to England. He’s been stealing planes ever since.
After the war, Fraser falls in with an international ring of thieves, lifting planes from England and flying them to the land that will soon be known as Israel. But his luck doesn’t last. The owner of a charter company catches Fraser in the act and gives him a simple choice: Work for him, or rot in jail.
His new boss, Bill Saeton, a ruthless tycoon with dreams of conquering the sky, has a contract that could make his fortune—if only he can get his newest plane into the air. Together, Saeton and Fraser embark on the most astonishing adventure of the Cold War: flying in the skyborne armada of the Berlin Airlift, to live or die in the skies above a divided Germany.
Authored by Hammond Innes, who witnessed the Berlin Airlift firsthand, Air Bridge is the incredible story of the men who fought impossible odds to win one of the most crucial battles of the Cold War.
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