Daniel Marques

Creative Lovers: Unveiling the Thoughts and Emotions Behind Writers’ Love Life

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Seen throughout history, at least most of the times, as lost and overemotional creatures, in some cases even insane, writers have been the target of much social discrimination and misunderstandings.

This kind of discrimination can still be seen in modern times. The reasons may not be clear but, if we get to know writers in person or live with one of them, we’ll easily see that the world merely fears and judges what is not yet easy to comprehend in its magnificence and majesty.

Writers are changing the world and have always done it, because they hold special qualities difficult to be found in other humans. They’re the gates of heaven’s knowledge, the channelers of parallel realities, the daydreamers of social desires, the bridges to humanity’s subconscious and the architects of imagination.

Without creative writers, critic writers, technical writers, or any others, the world couldn’t easily transform by itself. The reason is that, even though we are all born with the ability to feel and imagine, writers are the ones pushing the rest several steps ahead in these qualities. They show us paths, different perspectives, the most hidden sources of our unlimited mind and, in doing so, they also help us build ourselves into more complete and advanced beings.

The Holy Bible states  that “truth will set you free.” (John 8:32) but this truth can only be reached with knowledge, which is obtained with the understanding of how it’s built in its logic.

For thousands of years we’ve build ourselves in such a way that we ended up trapped in our own knowledge. But who can set us free, beyond creators, imitators and exposers of knowledge? Writers have been releasing the world of its misconceptions and misunderstandings. Nonetheless, many pseudo-writers, or individuals inspired into becoming writers, have been confused with such uplifting souls.
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