Gilbert Keith Chesterton

The Napoleon of Notting Hill

The Napoleon of Notting Hill, like so many Chesterton novels, deftly straddles the fence between humor and philosophy. The place is London, in the far-future year of 1984. Inexplicably, not too much has changed since the turn of the century — except that the king is chosen at random. Things quickly take a turn for the worse when the people randomly select an imbecile who only cares about a good joke.
With the new prankster king in place, the novel continues on with surprisingly action-packed breeziness, exploring themes of identity, patriotism, politics, and government.
201 printed pages



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    Дмитрий Кувшиновhas quoted2 years ago
    The hu­man race, to which so many of my read­ers be­long, has been play­ing at chil­dren’s games from the be­gin­ning, and will prob­ably do it till the end, which is a nuis­ance for the few people who grow up.

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