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Sommer Marsden

Best of Sommer Marsden

Branching the many strands of adult fiction, this collection of wanton short stories from erotica diva Sommer Marsden is sure to suit all tastes, no matter how wicked! With any luck, Sommer Lovin' might have you a blast this season, courtesy of Sommer Marsden and House of Erotica.

The stories include:

Buckle Down
Procrastination is the perfect excuse for Edward to teach Carling a lesson. Employing his own worn leather belt to bind her bare and secure to her desk chair, he shows her that buckling down to do your work can bring some spectacular, heart-stopping rewards.

Still Life
For Marilee--who doesn't quite feel real having been wrapped in a world of physical perfection--seeing her handsome Jess with “a real girl” is the ultimate foreplay. His dalliance with a gum popping, question asking, hard fucking little blonde is just what she needs to see. And the appetizer of spying from a sea of plasticine figures helps her connect sexually with Jess on a level unlike any other.

A gladiator movie spurs to life a brand new obsession--a fresh new need--for one couple. When Deni askes Alec to whip her, to make her hurt the way she wants--the way she craves--he's hesitant to do so. But the pleasure found in his act of dominance and her moment of ultimate trust is undeniable.

Barber Shop Girl
Confession is good for the soul. And good for the sex life as Piper finds out when she comes clean about a secret job. All her dirty daydreams come true in the Barber Shop when she admits to her long-time friend and recent crush Rob, just what she does to make money and how much of an inspiration he is to her.

A Genuine Motherfucker
Nina is a collector. She collects secrets and shame. Secrets add fuel to an erotic fire, she knows.It's only when she knows all their gory details that she can get them off, and get herself off in the process.

How He Likes Me A pair of black leather gloves for Christmas prompts an experience Serena never would have anticipated. Enter Tom--their third, spread out beneath her, ripe for the taking. All with Charles approval as he moves in behind her, to show her just how he likes her.

More Holes Than Jeans
The Gundersons make a sexual appetizer out of some lucky girl every year on their vaction. This is news to Amy but when she shows up for casual day a the restaurant in jeans that are more holes than anything she finds out that this year she's the one on the menu.

Taking Care of Business
Small minded people drive Gabrielle insane. Like loud mouthed know-it-all Tricia who has a problem with Gabriell's humorous spanking tee. Gabrielle's mouth gets ahead of her until her handsome Leo steps in, telling her she's over the top. Turns out Gabrielle can teach Tricia a lesson about the joys of corporal punishment while she learns one of her own from a heavy-handed co-worker.
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