Doug Beason

Assault on Alpha Base

A US Air Force commander fights to take back his base and stop terrorists from unleashing a nuclear attack in this gripping thriller.
The greatest power on Earth is about to be stripped of its defenses
Alpha Base. It’s the home of America’s nuclear stockpile, over 5,000 warheads protected by a formidable high-tech security system deep in the salt flats of Nevada. If Alpha Base is ever penetrated, no one on earth will be safe . . .
From the heart of remote Africa, a terrorist army has launched a daring plot. Their objective: seize Alpha and steal its deadly cache of superweapons.
Their allies: American scientist Dr. Anthony Harding and his lover Vikki Osborrn, self-styled revolutionaries who’ll blast a pathway to the base from its own backyard.
Their adversary: Major William McGriffin, USAF; acting commander of the base. Cut off from his command post, McGriffin must implement a surgically precise counterstrike to retake Alpha-knowing that if he makes one mistake, the entire world will pay . . .
Praise for Assault on Alpha Base
“So real, so disturbing . . . Will easily double your heart rate.” —M. E. Morris, author of The Icemen
223 printed pages
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