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Summary of The Boston Girl

Summary of The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant | Includes Analysis


The Boston Girl is a novel by award winning writer, Anita Diamant. In this novel, Addie Baum is being interviewed by her granddaughter, Ava Miller, about the many experiences she has had in her life, especially her early life. The novel takes place from 1915 to 1985 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Addie Baum is the youngest daughter of Jewish immigrants. Addie’s eldest sister, Betty, lives alone and works at a department store. Her other sister, Celia, works in a shirt factory. Addie loves school, but her parents want her to quit so that she can get a job and help pay the rent. Celia, however, manages to talk their parents into allowing Addie to attend one year of high school.

Addie begins going to the local settlement house after school. The settlement house is a place where immigrants can learn basic skills, such as speaking and reading English, sewing, and cooking…

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