Claire Murphy

Too Much World

“The diagnosis was one of the most significant things ever to happen to me. It was like finally finding a pair of shoes that fit, so I could start to walk forward in life with the right support at last.”
Claire spent 30 years trying to 'fit in'. But constantly pretending to be just like everyone else placed an intolerable strain on her mental health. Then she discovered the truth: she was autistic.
Autism is a gift, a blessing, if you (and the rest of society) understand, accept and manage it. But un-diagnosed and un-managed autism, or autism accompanied by mental health disorders, is a curse. You can fall through the net, desperately competing to fit into a world that was not built to accommodate you.
Too Much World is a searingly honest autobiographical account of how Claire survives as an autistic girl: about friendship, mental health and the importance of empathy. It is an open door into one brain with remarkable differences. Differences that have been masked and hidden away… until now.
195 printed pages



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