Joseph Brand

Start with Success

As part of a way of redefining how people undertake, this book is written with the whole purpose that the reader can understand some of the fundamental notions about the economy and entrepreneurship.

This writing is a well-structured guide that tries to instill in the reader the habit of a good entrepreneur, to help him in the future, to develop potential ideas, this is achieved by giving a better concept about entrepreneurship ideas, such as startup methodologies or the creation of a business model.

Positivism is a powerful tool, adversities can hit hard, but knowing how to face them are the key to success in a nutshell.
Creativity will also play a very important role in achieving “successful entrepreneurship”, not all are born as creative geniuses, despite the fact that this influences one way or another, we can develop creativity to find market ideas with high potential. We must know how to recognize what we are good at and what we are not so good at, in order to find the ideal market that suits us and which we can take advantage of.

When you make a first approach to the subject of entrepreneurship, you get the impression that it is a very recent and current phenomenon, a phenomenon of the 21st century, but in reality entrepreneurship has existed throughout the history of humanity. In fact, the fact that today we can enjoy comforts as a result of technological development or inventions is due to the fact that at a certain moment the invention was transformed into a marketable product through the entrepreneurial activity of a person who saw that, from his product, a profit was born.

So we can say that the foundations of entrepreneurship are more than grounded, it is not a new “fashion” typical of the 2000s, history has been in charge of shaping it, which allowed all the concepts and ideas covered by entrepreneurship to be well reflected and that they can be considered fixed concepts that will be invariant over the years.
It cannot be said that capturing all these concepts in this work has been a titanic task, however, behind the scenes there was a whole process, from research to writing, this work promises, among other things, to clarify what entrepreneurship is from a new point of view, the questions, which will develop in the reader a new perception of ideas.
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