Oliver Madox Hueffer

The Book of Witches

The early twentieth-century witchcraft classic that “attacks with infinite zest what is perhaps the most fascinating combination of subjects in the wide world” (The New York Times).
The Book of Witches is not an “exhaustive treatise on witches and witchcraft” but rather “a picture from which a general impression may be gained.” Oliver Madox Hueffer shows where witches have come from and why, “what she was and is . . . how necessary she is and must be to the happiness of mankind, and how great the responsibility of those who, disbelieving in her themselves, seek to infect others with their scepticism.”
Divided into 16 chapters, Hueffer explores a variety of subjects within witchcraft, from witches’ attributes to representations of witches in England, Rome and Greece, as well as persecutions of witches, philters, charms and potions, and modern witches in the 19th century.
The Book of Witches is part of The Paranormal, a series that resurrects rare titles, classic publications, and out-of-print texts, as well as publishes new supernatural and otherworldly ebooks for the digital age. The series includes a range of paranormal subjects from angels, fairies, and UFOs to near-death experiences, vampires, ghosts, and witchcraft.
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