Freedom and Determinism – The Gender Agenda, John O'Loughlin
John O'Loughlin

Freedom and Determinism – The Gender Agenda

Subtitled 'The Gender Agenda', FREEDOM AND DETERMINISM builds upon the nature/psyche dichotomy that was substantively developed in 'The Myth of Equality', its philosophical precursor, to flesh out, in more detail, the terms and means by which either nature triumphs over psyche or psyche triumphs over nature, returning, in what is at times an almost discursively essayistic vein, to the author's earlier philosophical concern with 'the triadic Beyond' in his endeavour to concretize, or flesh out, the terms by means of which Social Transcendentalism's concern with 'the Centre', conceived in relation to all that is omega-orientated as inceptive omega point, may literally come to pass, and this in spite of differing criteria in relation to the 'gender agenda'.
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