Roaring Twenties Mixer's Manual

Hey flappers and sheiks! Get a slant at the Roaring Twenties Mixer's Manual. It's the cat's pajamas for all kittens and guys wanting to throw a petting party that is the frog's eyebrow! With over 70 authentic Prohibition era drink recipes (no noodle juice here.) Including such classics as The Manhattan, The Daiquiri, and, naturally, The Martini. And lots of crazy of-the-era drinks, such as the Tuxedo and the Za Za. It's the rumble that will make any biscuit pleasantly half cut and ready for some barney-muggins. As if all those, carefully cultivated by barkeeps all over the world, drink recipes weren't kippy enough Roaring Twenties Mixer's Manual has a section devoted to definitions of the spirits of the era (only oilcans drink hooch right?) It also includes all the Ritz toasts (here's to you!) And (let's face it sweeties, you need this) rules for well thrown parities, including party games of the era, like the French variety of blind man's buff, which would shock your dapper. Even duds will have a hotsy totsy time at your whangdoodle, and that's no applesauce. And to top it all off Roaring Twenties Mixer's Manual contains detailed instructions for how to dance that real McCoy of nineteen-twenties hoofers, the Charleston. A dance so swell that it will have even the neckers shaking their dogs. So don't be a bluenose, pull out your anchor and get yourself a copy of Roaring Twenties Mixer's Manual before the buttons get here. Attaboy! Attagirl! Now, let's blouse.
130 printed pages
Original publication


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