Chapter and Hearse, Catherine Aird
Catherine Aird

Chapter and Hearse

277 printed pages
Twenty-two bite-size mysteries from Diamond Dagger winner Catherine Aird
A cat is the only witness to a brutal murder. An entire group gets sick during a birthday party, but only the birthday boy dies. A local thief is injured during a break-in of the Horticulture Society and seeks to press charges against the plant lovers. And Calleshire’s greatest detective has to give his bumbling sidekick a lesson in police procedure . . . on the day they both suffer from a bout of food poisoning.
Catherine Aird is a master of the short-story format. Starring the great detective C. D. Sloan, Henry Tyler of the Foreign Office, and the Sheriff of Fearnshire in sixteenth-century Scotland, Chapter and Hearse brings together twenty-two short mysteries that span laugh-out-loud-funny anecdotes of feckless thieves and head-scratching whodunits.
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