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Julie Hislop

Jamaican Paleo

Add intense flavour to your palate with the exotic flavours of Jamaica; making your new Paleo recipes a delight to eat.

Julie Hislop is a Jamaican living in the USA, I am a Botanist and Nutritionist and loves to eat and in the healthiest way! Today I am presenting my Jamaican Paleo Cookbook to give persons a chance to spice up their palates without having to think about what to remove or how to prepare the meals. The ingredients used will give one the best taste of a Grain-free and Gluten-Free meal prepared with the best combination of Whole Foods. 
Growing up in Jamaica we ate mostly fresh produce whether Plants harvested from the Field or Freshly Killed grass-fed animal meat, so it is safe to safe she has been eating Paleo long before it recognition per se. So go ahead give yourself a taste never known to your gut and palate. Jamaica 
irie man!
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Julie Hislop
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