Kevin Hughes

The Christmas Gifts

Get your cup of hot chocolate, your latte, or your wine, sit back, and read stories that will make your heart weep with joy. You are alive, and living in the season where kindness takes center stage. It is a season celebrated in each of these Eight Stories, and the one poem. As you sit and sip, your soul will drink deep from the milk of human kindness, and maybe even some alien kindness too.

Some of the stories are loosely based on true events. And all can be as true as you want them to be. Some will touch your heart in ways that will sparkle, others, well, a soft tear may leak from your eye.

Whether it be Angels, or Aliens, or a tree looking for a home, these are stories for the whole family to enjoy. What does a Rocking Chair want for Xmas? Find out inside. Let the snow fall, and the frost form on the window, sit back, sip the words slowly, blowing on them a bit, to cool them first. Enjoy.
35 printed pages


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