Cynthia White


Queen is young, beautiful and extremely intelligent. Born and raised as Princess of The Black Mafia, an organization founded by her father, she wants for nothing except the love of her cruel, cold-hearted mother. When the police arrest Queen's father for her mother's murder, Queen's perfect life is shattered. Holding a dark secret, Queen must decide if she can reveal the true identity of the killer in order to spare her father's life. With her father gone, she searches for security in the arms of a series of lovers, who all have their own agendas. Just as her life seems to be spinning out of control, she learns to face her own demons and take control of her destiny. But when Queen finally realizes that she is so much more than the criminals and thugs who surround her, it may already be too late.
286 printed pages
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    b4365431939shared an impression9 months ago

    My favorite book hands down

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    👍Worth reading


    b1367914514shared an impression10 months ago
    👎Give This a Miss

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