Love After One-night Stand with CEO

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The man said she had nowhere to run, what chould she do?

The man forced her to the corner.
The girl trembled violently. “You… you…”
The man's lips fell on her ear. “I'm just Miranda's uncle. That's all!”
“That doesn't work either. Miranda and I are best friends. Her uncle is mine too… Um…”
Before she could finish her words, she was stopped by his warm lips.
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    b4609412323shared an impression8 months ago

    I am looking for the completion of this novel..i read it in fox novel and spent alot of coins for me to discover that this is not a complete is annoying to wait for over a month and years for it to be completed..i wish to purchased the completed series..ive read 177 chapter already and not seeing any frustrating

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