Virginia Woolf

The Mark on the Wall

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    Rosy Antuñanohas quoted2 years ago
    Men perhaps, should you be a woman; the masculine point of view which governs our lives, which sets the standard, which establishes Whitaker's Table of Precedency, which has become, I suppose, since the war half a phantom to many men and women, which soon—one may hope, will be laughed into the dustbin where the phantoms go, the mahogany sideboards and the Landseer prints, Gods and Devils, Hell and so forth, leaving us all with an intoxicating sense of illegitimate freedom—if freedom exists…
    Sanghoon Leehas quoted7 months ago
    But as for that mark,
    Линаhas quoted2 years ago
    Ah, the mark on the wall! It was a snail.

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