Jessa James


Taylor Dawson spends her days getting down and dirty as a mechanic at her fathers garage, rather than with a hot guy. At nineteen, shes so ready to get rid of her v card but hasnt found the right man yet. Collecting her roommate from her bartending job at Club V, Taylor stumbles across Club Owner, Jake Mesa, giving a lesson in submission. Tay doesnt think shed ever be able to obey like the collared woman at Jakes mercy and slips away from the room unnoticed.However, Jakes security footage caught the gorgeous voyeur in his room and now she has his full attention. When Taylors dad admits to a business disaster that could end not only the garage but his life, she doesnt know where to turn. Then Jake makes her an offer… Will she be able to resist or become completely undone?If gorgeous heroes, instalove and sexy times are your thing, read on…
116 printed pages
Original publication
Jessa James


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