Michael McDowell

Jack and Susan in 1953

In this time-shift romance series by the screenwriter of Beetlejuice, the timeless lovers are on a daring adventure through 1950s NYC and Havana.
Regardless of what the calendar says, Jack and Susan are always, eternally, twenty-seven years old. They are destined for each other like Hepburn and Tracy, Dagwood and Blondie, Nick and Nora. And somehow, they always acquire a shaggy white dog on the way to falling in love.
In 1953, New York City is at its glamorous best, Jack’s engaged to be engaged to a margarine heiress, and Susan’s got a dark and mysterious suitor. When word arrives that someone is trying to poison Susan’s long-lost uncle, she and Jack—and his loyal dog Woolf!—head for Havana to rescue uncle James, apprehend the bad guys and hit a few casinos on the side.
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