Love Is Like You: A Love Poems Collection In 24 Verses (Perfect for Love Poems For Him, Love Poems For Her, Poem Gift, Poem A Day Rhyme Book & Love Verse)

Inside “Love Is Like You” you will get access to 24 Love Poems that you can use for your own inspiration, creativity and expression. These 24 romantic Love Verses that celebrate Love from A to Z will come in very handy when you need to be inspired to find your own words of saying “I Love You” in a very special, personal and unique way. If you need a love poem for Anna. Look for the Love Poem that starts with A. Love is like A: Love is like Albert Einstein's gravity rule. Love is also like insanity, like an addiction you can't break. To reach a new high, there's nothing you'd leave behind in your state of mind. Love is like gravity, always pulling you quite dramatically close to the lover you chose. You can try to escape, but eventually you'll come back for another love check. Nothing is more important than sharing your love with your loved one, bringing it back, or making it even better! Claim even more hot sizzling romantic love stories inside…
42 printed pages
Original publication
Inge Baum



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