The Dhow House, Jean McNeil
Jean McNeil

The Dhow House

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335 printed pages
When Rebecca Laurelson, an English doctor, is forced to leave her post in an East African field hospital, she arrives
at her aunt’s house on the Indian Ocean and is taken into
the heart of a family she has never met before. Amongst
the all-night beach parties and cocktail receptions, her attraction for her much younger cousin grows.

But the gilded lives of her aunt Julia’s family and their
fellow white Africans on the coast are under threat –
Islamist terror attacks are on the rise and Rebecca knows
more about this violence than she is prepared to divulge.
Will she be able to save her new-found family from the violence that encroaches on their seductive lives? Or,
amidst growing unrest, will the true reason for her hasty
exit from her posting, be unmasked?
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Ry Rouy
Ry Rouyshared an impressionlast year
💞Loved Up

I found it veryy best story ever !

kerynsaltershared an impressionlast year
🙈Lost On Me
🔮Hidden Depths
💡Learnt A Lot

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