Nozomu Mochitsuki

Tearmoon Empire: Volume 5

Mia’s summer cruise has turned into a full-blown adventure! Stranded on a deserted island sans boat and supplies, she and her friends need to figure out how to survive. Well, she and most of her friends, because Esmeralda has gone missing! The group decides to split up to look for her, and Mia gets paired up with Abel.

Hey, maybe being stuck on an island isn’t so bad! Especially if it means she gets to be alone with her sweetheart. Little does she know, deep within the island lies a dark secret lost to time. In unearthing it she will learn the hidden truth of the Tearmoon Empire… and how it’s inextricably linked to her own morbid fate.

Can Mia break free of the bonds of history and avert her ever-impending doom? Maybe, but not before she gets in some quality flirting time! After all, Mia’s primary concern is and always will be herself, and the only bond she’s interested in right now is the one with Abel. Too bad the island isn’t about to let her have her way…
288 printed pages
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David Teng
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