Beca Lewis

The Daily Shift

Essential Reading for Those Who Are Ready To Give Up What Doesn't Work, And Embrace What Does

Think Differently, And Change Your Life For The Better

Does your life keep going on the same way, sometimes getting a little better, but not really fulfilling your dreams? Or, perhaps in spite of all your best efforts, life is getting harder. To change your life, you try many ideas about how to fix it. Some work for a brief time, others don’t work at all.

˃˃˃ We all know that perception is reality

This means that in order for life to change for the better, permanently, our perception has to expand into a different way of thinking. We know that in order to change our life, we must think differently.

Good shifts happen because we shift our behavior and habits. However, that isn't enough, because we can only change within, and what, we currently perceive of as reality.

˃˃˃ How To Think About God, As God Thinks About You

The only lasting solution is to shift our perception of reality. We have to let go of our human way of thinking and move into the Divine, infinite way, of thinking.

“The Daily Shift” transforms us out of our small view thinking, and into the infinite viewpoint of God. God is the thinker; we are Its thoughts. With this spiritual awakening, we begin to think differently, and our experience of life shifts to more abundance, ease, and grace.
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