Lady Be Good, Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Lady Be Good

395 printed pages
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“[A] sexy and whimsical modern fairy tale.” schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” />
Greensboro News & Record

“The always-funny Susan Elizabeth Phillips…has the heat turned up all the way for this one.”
Detroit Free Press

The only four-time recipient of the Romance Writer’s of America’s prestigious Favorite Book of the Year Award, the incomparable Susan Elizabeth Phillips is one of America’s most beloved authors—and Lady Be Good is one of the perennial New York Times bestseller’s hottest, funniest, and most delightfully wild romance novels. The uproarious tale of a proper English headmistress hell-bent on destroying her reputation and a disgraced Texas athlete playboy determined to salvage his own, Lady Be Good is funny, sexy, and irrefutable proof of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s assertion that “Next to Tracy and Hepburn, no one does romantic comedy better than Susan Elizabeth Phillips.”
HarperCollins, Avon
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Marsterasshared an impression3 years ago
👍Worth reading
🌴Beach Bag Book

Decent read. I never quite liked the male main, but at least he was portrayed consistently. I'll be looking for the next book in the series although I do hope the main will be more likeable.

b8740491315shared an impression4 years ago
💞Loved Up

Beautiful book! Well written. Loved the detailed descriptions of everything. Looking forward to read more from this author. Thank you!❤

realitybabeshared an impressionlast year
💞Loved Up

maryphillips2814has quotedlast year
storms and covers the bridge, but I still love having it in my front yard.”

And that’s exactly where it was, Emma realized—in his front yard. Kenny’s ranch house sat at the top of a gently sloping bit of lawn shaded here and there with live oaks. The house itself was a graceful rambling structure built of creamy white limestone with smoky blue shutters and trim. Twin limestone chimneys rose from the expansive tin roof she’d already seen on so many buildings in the area, and a galloping horse weather vane turned lazily in the April
Marsterashas quoted3 years ago
My mother spent her life on that thin edge between neurosis and psychosis, with psychosis winning out as she got older. She was a classic narcissist married to a man who ignored her, so, as soon as I was born, she made me the center of her life. Whatever I wanted, she gave me, even if I shouldn’t have had it. She never said no, not about anything. And because of that, I was supposed to worship her.”
“Did you?”
“Of course not. I paid her back with bad behavior, and the more she indulged me, the more I pushed her. Then, whenever something did go wrong in my life, I blamed her for it. I was just about the most unpleasant child you can imagine.”
b8740491315has quoted4 years ago
She softened her mouth, parted her lips, and gave him everything she had.
The seconds passed. Oh, my . . . He was really the most intelligent man. It didn’t take more than a moment for him to see things her way.
His hands settled warm against her back and his own mouth softened in response, then opened. . . .
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