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The Blog & the Journal – Writing About You

The BLOG & the JOURNAL explores the fascination of keeping a journal which is the very fascination of life, – its novelty, its unpredictability, its new twists. By expressing yourself in your solitude, you can digest these ever-changing influences in your life and move on a wiser person. The many functions of the journal are discussed, and there are many exercises to help your writing shine a little brighter.
People have been writing in journals for thousands of years – literally. Amenhotep IV in ancient Egypt may be the earliest recorded observer of his own life, followed by so many wise people ever since. The journal process may have been a contributing factor to their enduring contribution to the world.
Journal writing and the newest form, the Blog, is the expression of you in the celebration of your life in reflective solitude. This writing about you helps you understand yourself and that helps you understand much more about others.
It's a growth experience.
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