Leaving a Mark: Volume 1, Michael Anthony Alberta
Michael Anthony Alberta

Leaving a Mark: Volume 1

This book concerns the basic precepts of human addendums, focusing primarily on the immaterial. In other words, Leaving a Mark focuses on the basic principles of human enhancement- all across the board. As readers advance through the chapters, they'll find the metaphysical making its transition into corporeal reality. Through a combination of modern and ancient technology—the cutting edge of current neuroscience and age-old insights from those who spent years understanding the nature of their bodies and how energy moves through them. Inside, Michael writes about symbolism, bloodletting, chakras, and other esoteric knowledge related to Body Art. Leaving a Mark takes readers through the metamorphosis from body modification onto bio hacking into cybernetics, genetic uplifts and so on Leaving a Mark asks readers if we, as a species, can retain our humanity as we continue to alter ourselves in the future all while bringing body art back from where it once came, as a medicinal practice.
287 printed pages
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