Gordon R. Dickson,John Gregory Betancourt,Darrell Schweitzer,Vernon Lee,Hal Charles,Stephen Gallagher,John Floyd,Edith Dorian

Black Cat Weekly #8

Black Cat Weekly #8 is now available, with an exciting mix of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, crime—and even a western! Here are:

Mysteries & Suspense
Mystery on Graveyard Head, by Edith Dorian
“Kismet and the Baby Orchid,” by Frank Lovell Nelson [short story, Carlton Clarke #8]
“Awake To Fear,” by Robert Camp [short story]
“Look It Up,” by Hal Charles [Solve-It-Yourself Mystery]
“The Devil's Dooryard,” by W.C. Tuttle [historical novella]
Straight to the Goal, by Nicholas Carter [mystery novel]
“The Moon and Marcie Wade,” by John M. Floyd [Barb Goffman Presents Mystery]

Science Fiction & Fantasy

“Marsyas in Flanders,” by Vernon Lee [fantasy story]
“Sympathy for Wolves,” by John Gregory Betancourt [fantasy story]
“The Blackwood Oak,” by Stephen Gallagher [science fiction story]
“Perfectly Adjusted,” by Gordon R. Dickson [science fiction novella]
The White Isle, Darrell Schweitzer [fantasy novel]
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