Marta Dive

Efficient Diets for Losing Weight (Healthy Life Book)

I often hear words like ‘I can’t lose weight; I have disturbed or slow metabolism…’.  Tell me what you did to accelerate it? Do you do physical exercises? Is your ratio balanced? Do you overeat?

Stop pitying yourself and seeking reasons for your fat in children, a husband, a wife, a mother, who cooked you all this delicious food in childhood. Before losing weight, you should change your mentality, your attitude to life, to food, to yourself. To be beautiful and slender, you should not start losing weight ‘from Monday’ or ‘from spring’ — you have to look after yourself ALL THE TIME! And don’t just use a new excuse ‘Now I'm going to eat the last pie, and start losing weight.’ Is it familiar to you?

Do you know why there are so many advertisements of ‘wonder’ means to lose weight? Drink some tea, and lose weight, take a pill, and eat what you want… Such ads are made for fat people with their psychology… An overweight person is lazy to go in for sports or to eat less — it’s easier to buy a ‘wonder’ pill — and that’s it; if this one didn’t help — just buy another…

Let's stop whining and telling that you felt offense when someone had called you fat. Who needs this?

Pitying yourself? It means that you have fat person’s psychology!

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