Kevin Jobson

The Bonds of Dark Desire

Are you looking for an exciting and compelling book that dives into the realms of our deepest and most intense desires?
Maybe you are looking to immerse yourself in a fictional world, full of romance and passion, that will take your mind off the dull aspects of everyday life?
Perhaps you are on the lookout for a raunchy romance novel, packed with lust, plot twists, and pulsating with raw attraction?
If this sounds like you, then you have come to the right place. The Bonds of Dark Desire is a romance novel packed with intense relationships, forbidden love, and exciting plot twists.
Follow Samantha, the apple of the eye for two different men, desperate to gain her affection and have her all to themselves.
It might sound like every woman's dream-to have two handsome men vying for their affection-but this is not always the case when there is history with both of these men. Things then start to get slightly more complicated.
You might think that this situation could easily be diffused by choosing one man and sticking to them, but it is not always that simple. The ongoing love triangle leads to many twists and turns, as Sam decides which man is going to suit her best.
Little does she know that it is not going to be as simple as picking the one she likes the most.
Inside The Bonds of Dark Desire, discover:
●      An enticing story based around an intense love triangle, packed with history and tribulations
●      A compelling read that you will struggle to put down, desperate to discover what decision Sam ultimately comes to
●      A fantasy world where the more off-limits the romance may seem, the more desirable it becomes
●      A culminating story that takes the lead characters to the very brink of their journey in search of sexual gratification and romance
And much, much more!
As well as the romance story predominantly following the ongoing predicament that Samantha finds herself in, it is also packed with intriguing and well-crafted subplots and supporting characters that you will become invested in and desperate to see them achieve their happily ever after.
144 printed pages
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