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Fanny Burney

Evelina, Or, the History of a Young Lady's Entrance into the World

543 printed pages
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  • Søren Ekstrandhas quoted3 years ago
    but so deep is the impression which the misfortunes of her mother have made on my heart, that she does not, even for a moment, quit my sight without exciting apprehensions and terrors which almost overpower me
  • Søren Ekstrandhas quoted3 years ago
    That child, Madam, shall never, while life is lent me, know the loss she has sustained. I have cherished, succoured, and supported her, from her earliest infancy to her sixteenth year; and so amply has she repaid my care and affection, that my fondest wish is now circumscribed by the desire of bestowing her on one who may be sensible of her worth, and then sinking to eternal rest in her arms.
  • Søren Ekstrandhas quoted3 years ago
    Yet her sufferings were too acute for her slender frame; and the same moment that gave birth to her infant, put an end at once to the sorrows and the life of its mother

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