Rick Riordan

The Son of Neptune

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    Arlinda Farizan Fhas quoted4 years ago
    “These were on my pillow this morning.” He passed them to Percy. “Like the Tooth Fairy visited.”
    The book was The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Percy had never heard of it, but he could guess who sent it. The letter read: Good job, kid. A real man’s best weapon is his mind. This was your mom’s favorite book. Give it a read. P.S.—I hope your friend Percy has learned some respect for me.
    “Wow.” Percy handed back the book. “Maybe Mars is different than Ares. I don’t think Ares can read.”
    Hhas quoted7 years ago
    The last few weeks he’d been so worried about surviving day to day. The idea of living long enough to be an adult and have kids of his own—that seemed like an impossible dream.
    b8110221338has quotedlast year
    Let me introduce you to my otherfamily.”
    b8110221338has quotedlast year
    Maybe Mars is different than Ares. I don’t think Ares can read
    b8110221338has quotedlast year
    I needed Jason and his friends to free me from my prison—”
    “Your prison? You were in prison and they let you out?”
    b8110221338has quotedlast year
    ’m good!”
    “Die!” Polybotes yelled, closing fast. Percy kept running.


    b8110221338has quotedlast year
    m fine!” Percy yelled as he ran by, followed by a giant screaming bloody murder.
    b8110221338has quotedlast year
    If I’m going to burn, it might as well be bright.”
    Ulianahas quoted2 years ago
    Seeing them like that made Percy happy. Those two definitely needed to get together. But it also made him sad. He thought about Annabeth, and wondered if he’d live long enough to see her again.
    Ulianahas quoted2 years ago
    Suddenly he saw a future for himself and for Annabeth that he’d never imagined before.
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