Dorothy Sayers

Letters to a Diminished Church

What must a person believe to be a Christian? In this collection of 16 essays, famed author Dorothy L. Sayers discusses why the church desperately needs to refocus on doctrine, as doctrine impacts all of life.
In her dynamic and sharp writings, Dorothy L. Sayers turned the popular perception of Christianity on its head. She argues that the essence of Christianity is in the character of Christ—energetic, dramatic, and utterly alive. This collection of sixteen brilliant essays reveals Sayers, at her best—a powerful view of Christianity as startling and relevant as it was 50 years ago.
An outspoken defender of Christian orthodoxy, Dorothy L. Sayers discusses Christian theology with brilliance and wit. A British scholar, author, and staunch Christian, Sayers brings theology vividly to life by showing how the Bible, history, literature, and modern science fit together to make religion not only possible but necessary in our time. Each essay is a concise, perceptive examination of the topic at hand. The book:
Includes sixteen essays on a variety of topics addressing core beliefs, the image of God, the problem of sin and evil, and morePresents age-old doctrines without prettying them up or watering them downProvides insights into the social and spiritual forces that affect the modern-day cultural shift away from ChristWhether you are reading the great works of Western literature, thinking about your place in God's universe, or simply dealing with the thousand-and-one problems of daily living, this powerful book has words of both challenge and comfort for you.
“The devil should stand alert, for Sayers is one of his foremost adversaries.”
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