Niblick Jay

What's Your Genius

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Did you have that one class in school where no matter how hard you studied you always seemed to struggle? Regardless of the effort you put in, the grades just never came easily if at all. Did you also find there was another subject that was the opposite, where you just sailed through and “got it” with little to no effort? In each case, there was probably someone else in the class who was the opposite, because individual talents are unique to everyone. This isn’t just true of school, but basically all of life. Every one of us can name things that we are naturally good at and therefore do well and enjoy doing (e.g., being creative, solving problems, socializing, etc.). We can name lots of things we are not good at as well (e.g., being proactive, attention to detail, delegating, etc.). This book asks the following questions:

• Where do these natural talents and preference come from

• How do they affect our professional and personal successes

• Can they really be measured

• Can they be leveraged to achieve greater success with less effort

Based on an enormous database containing tens of millions of pieces of information that represents seven years of research conducted on more than 300,000 people on 5 continents, and over 10,000 personal interviews; this book also answers these questions…and the answer to all of them is – YES!

This book does two very significant things: first it focuses on one of the most vital yet least understood aspects of success…decision-making. Unlike many other treatments on individual success that focus on behavior, personality or intelligence, “What’s Your Genius” paints a clear picture, perhaps for the first time, of our subconscious decision-making process and how it directly affects our success. Secondly, this book uses real-life examples of some of the most successful people in their respective fields to support the findings that achieving success is directly dependent on how authentic we are to our decision-making styles. Those who understand and are more aware of how they prefer to make decisions, and in what environments that style fits best, achieve greater success with less effort. This skill can be for anything. For some it is their uncanny ability to see the flaw in any strategy, or understand someone’s emotions or fears. For others it is an ability to always see the big-picture on the playing field or just intuitively diagnose the mystery illness. The key in all of these individuals is that they know what they are good at, and they ensure that their success is dependent on those strengths, not their weaknesses. It is this authenticity that aligns everything they do with everything they are naturally good at, and when this happens they truly are genius at what they do.

Based on how we think and make decisions, everyone has the ability to be a genius when it comes to making certain kinds of decisions, it just requires knowledge and proper alignment of what you do well with what you try to do. The most successful among us have somehow managed to figure this out and made sure their goals and dreams depend on what they do well and nothing else. Most of us wouldn’t decide to major in that class where no matter how hard we tried we just always struggled; so why would we do the same in our career? “What’s Your Genius” will show you if this is a trap you have fallen into and teach you how to make sure you don’t anymore.
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