JaQuavis Coleman

The White House

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    Cleon DeWight Lottshas quoted2 years ago
    She tried to tell him how good it was, but she couldn’t talk because she was on the brink of exploding all over him. She felt his thickness fill her up with each thrust and it seemed as if his pole was on fire . . . it was so hot. The feeling was driving Draya crazy; a good crazy though. He stroked the long way, pulling his whole shaft out of her, leaving only the very tip of it in before he plunged it all the way back in. He was putting on a masterful performance that night.

    “Oooh,” she crooned as she squeezed him tighter, feeling her climax beginning. The man, with perfect timing, pulled out and dipped down, placing his mouth on her love box and catching everything she squirted out. Draya’s legs quivered as she released her juices onto his face and into his mouth. She shook uncontrollably when she gripped the back of his head, almost pile-driving his face into herself. Her body jerked violently as he continued to give her clitoris an oral massage. The man then rose up and slid back into her. It didn’t take long for him to release a load into her. Draya didn’t care if he came inside of her; he felt too good. She remembered at that moment that she once loved him, but she had let greed get in the way of that.

    “I missed you. I missed you so much,” the man whispered in her ear, resting on top of her, breathing heavily as his sweat dripped onto her body.
    Cleon DeWight Lottshas quoted2 years ago

    Draya arched her back in pure pleasure as she dug her nails deep into the man’s chocolate muscular back. He slowly ground his hips in circular motions as he dove deep inside of her leaking love box. His swollen testicles gently slapped against her other entry with each thrust. Splashing noises echoed throughout the room, accompanied by Draya’s light moans and cries. Their sweaty bodies bounced off each other as the man began to whisper in her ear. The hot summer night made the air moist and their bodies seemed to glow as the moon’s light crept through the blinds and reflected off of them.

    “You’re always going to be mine. I missed you, baby girl,” he said as he dug even deeper, rubbing her hair while he sexed her.

    Draya hadn’t felt him in over a year and she almost forgot how good of a stroke he had.
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