Gonji: Fortress of Lost Worlds

Renegade half-breed samurai Gonji Sabatake has left the survivors of devastated Vedun, certain that his unknown Enemies---with their mysterious agenda, their monsters and their sorcery---are gathering strength for yet another attack on him and his allies. Seeking the aid of misanthropic werewolf Simon Sardonis, Gonji treks into a 16th-century Spain wracked by eerie supernatural forces. Trapped by his adversaries, Gonji is held captive by fanatical power in the torture-dungeons of the Inquisition. He learns of the evil cabal that enslaves multiple worlds and has wrought its venomous power in the highest offices of the medieval Church.

Condemned to burn at the stake, Gonji is mystically counseled by a witch whose knowledge of sorcery and science compels him to somehow escape. For he must lead a refugee army, under pursuit of human and sorcerous assassins, in a flight across dark seas and into the interior of darkest Africa. There, to seek a bizarre castle's gateway to warped spatial anomalies, and learn his singular importance to the destiny of a system of concentric worlds. But will that incredible revelation empower or destroy him?

Could any single warrior be expected to undertake the burden of such a quest? And even with the uncertain help of the powerful lycanthrope Simon, can Gonji survive the secrets of the… FORTRESS OF LOST WORLDS?
501 printed pages
Original publication

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