Ruth Barringham

7 day Ebook Writing And Publishing System

Have you seen others earning a full-time income from writing and publishing ebooks, and you want to do it too, but you don't know how?
In this book I'm going to show you not only how to write an ebook in 7 days or less, but also how to start making sales — all within one week. Really!
You're also going to discover:

The 4 elements that each chapter of your ebook must contain to really hook your reader in and keep    them reading.
The extremely useful and well-known 'secret' that keeps your writing flowing.
How to stay on topic. This is really important because readers don't want you to waste their time with unnecessary tangents.
How to create a blueprint in as little as 2 hours or less. How to integrate main topics and sub-topics into your blueprint so that it really eases the writing process.
How to quickly find chapter ideas.
How to publish your ebook in just minutes.
Create a free ebook cover using basic software already on your computer.
A huge list of ways to market your ebook for free.
What you need to talk about most in your sales page — and it's NOT your ebook.
How to create a 10-point marketing plan and a whole list of ideas of what to include.
How to write a short report or ebook in just 2 hours.

This really is the ultimate guide on writing and publishing ebooks AND making sales.
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