Kevin J.Anderson,Martin L. Shoemaker

On Being a Dictator

Tired of being stuck in a chair behind a desk?

Do you want to write more without sacrificing your health and sanity?

Learn how you can get more written while

Hiking or just going for a stroll


Watching your kids play at the park

Taking a bath

Multiple New York Times bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson has written 160 books—nearly fifteen million words!—most of them by dictating into a hand-held recorder while hiking.

Award-winning novelist and short story writer Martin L. Shoemaker dictates chapters and stories while driving, turning his daily commute into a productive work session.

These two die-hard “dictators,” share their techniques and insights into how dictation can help you

Improve your writing productivity

Use otherwise lost time to brainstorm, plot, develop characters, write articles, and more

Get inspired by leaving your confined office and getting a fresh perspective elsewhere

Stay in shape while writing

On Being a Dictator, part of the Million Dollar Writing Series, will help you think outside the box, consider a different writing method, and up your game in the fast-paced ever-changing world of publishing.
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