Richard Price


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Successful Hollywood writer Ray decides to return to the New Jersey projects of his youth in order to give something back to the community, and volunteers to teach creative writing at his old school. But one night he's savagely beaten and rushed to hospital. The only cop interested is a childhood friend, 'Tweetie' Ammons, who owes him one from long ago. It turns out that Ray knows who did it, but he's not talking. Although Tweetie is on the cusp of retirement she is determined to help Ray but finds herself being drawn into a dark and deadly drama.
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  • victorhas quoted12 years ago
    Ray was lying there today as if awaiting his embalmers, his head wrapped in pristine cotton, eyes shut, mouth agape, spaghetti-thin nasogastric tubing running into one taped-down nostril. “We had to drill,” the neurologist said, sidling up to Nerese, arms crossed over his chest. “The bleed was starting to fill the cranial cavity, put pressure on the brain, so we needed to open her up, clip the site and evacuate the buildup. But when we got in? There was nothing to do . . . The site had closed on its own and the bleed had drained itself off into the vault. I mean, better safe than sorry, but as it turned out he needed the procedure like a hole in the head.”
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