Now and Forever, Ray Bradbury
Ray Bradbury

Now and Forever

148 printed pages
A journalist bearing terrible news leaps from a still-moving train into a small town of wonderful, impossible secrets . . .
The doomed crew of a starship follows their blind, mad captain on a quest into deepest space to joust with destiny, eternity, and God Himself . . .
Now and Forever is a bold new work from an incomparable artist whose stories have reshaped America's literary landscape. Two bewitching novellas—each distinctly different, yet uniquely Bradbury—demonstrate the breathtaking range of his undimmed talent and the irrepressible vitality of the mind, spirit, and heart of America's preeminent storyteller.
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Now and Forever, Ray Bradbury



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In his half-sleep last night he had felt something writing on the insides of his eyelids.
There’s nothing more exciting than to be part of the evolution of a place
There was no sound save the drip of the ice pan under the icebox in the moonlit kitchen.
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