The Mayors of Santa Rosa, Randall Bonjour
Randall Bonjour

The Mayors of Santa Rosa

210 printed pages
The main character, Dean Thulen, is stumbling through life. He has a domestic violence arrest but not convicted. He has been sober for weeks but is starting to drink again. A chance conversation with tourists, a man and wife, at the checkout counter makes Dean recall the advice of his Aunt: “You will meet Jesus someday.” Dean finds these folks particularly unusual and declares he has met Jesus. The husband says he is no more divine that Dean, but Dean is ready to meet Jesus. He knows from his Aunt life will be better after this milestone. At home Dean recalls the encounter with his wife. Just as the conversation turns to Dean not ever drinking again, a policeman makes a follow up visit on the domestic violence arrest. After a long exchange the officer declares Dean has indeed met Jesus. He relates this to his wife during a lunch date. She is a TV reporter. She finds the tourist and does the interview of her career. Dean moves to another city and a Navy buddy, Calvin, puts Dean and his wife up. Dean learns a new skill. Calvin sets up an interview for Dean to teach motorcycle overhaul in a tech school. He gets the job. Just when it seems all is perfect the school decides to close. The TV reporter has since been elected Mayor of Santa Rosa. She gets the school moved to her town. At the grand opening Jesus is one of the attendees. Seems he is a childhood friend of Calvin's. The gathering is a fiasco of who met who and when and where!
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